Straightening Hair with Flat Iron


Is there any way I can achieve salon-style sleek straight hair at home?

Yes, you can achieve super-straight locks using a flat-iron or hair straightener. Other equipment needed are: A blow-dryer, straightening balm, hair gloss, a wide-tooth comb and some hair clips. Here's the step-by-step to do it:

Straightening Hair Step-by-Step...
After washing your hair, towel-dry then rub a dollop of straightening balm between your palms and apply onto damp hair from roots to ends. The balm will protect your hair and help hold the style straight.

To avoid frizzes, it is important to ensure your hair is thoroughly dried before you start using the flat-iron, so spend the time to blow-dry until it's completely moistureless. Begin by dividing your hair into four or five sections secured with hair clips, then blow-dry section by section.

Blow-dry using high heat, keeping the nozzle pointed downwards: This keeps the cuticles flat for a glossy texture. Once your hair is dry, seal the cuticles with a blast of cool air. Then comb out any tangles with a wide-tooth comb.

Clamp your hair with the straightening iron, approximately two-inches-wide sections at a time. Clamp down near the roots then pull it down through the length to the ends. When done, apply hair gloss for a super-sleek finish.

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