Strapless Bra That Stays Put


I love sleeveless styles like halters and tube tops, so that means I have to wear a strapless bra to match. Problem is my bra keeps sliding down, even though it's the right size. How can I get it to stay put?

Here's the surprising truth: Your regular bra size isn't necessarily the correct size when it comes to your strapless bra. Strapless bras tend to have the problem of sliding because without straps, you lose the "vertical support" that's helping to hold everything in place.

To compensate for the lack of strap support, try going one band size smaller and one cup size larger. A smaller band will provide a snugger fit around the body; while bigger cups help keep your breasts from falling out.

To make sure you've got the right size when you're shopping for your strapless bra, here's a simple test you can do in the fitting room: After putting on the strapless bra, lean forward and shimmy from side to side. If your little dance doesn't expose your nipple, you've found the right fit!


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