Get Sexy Summer Legs

Try these easy tricks and fixes for great, gorgeous gams.
Dare to bare your pins in this summer's short shorts! To get your legs looking their best, all you need is a little prep work -- follow these easy beauty routine fixes and tricks for great, gorgeous gams.

1. Fake a sunkissed glow

A sexy tan instantly makes your pins look even leaner and shapelier. With a wide variety of self-tanning products out there, there's sure to be a formula that is right for you:

  • Wash-off self tanners: These create a temporary color that lasts about a day and washes away with soap and water. Apply one layer for a sheer look; add a second for deeper color.
  • Tanning mousses and gels: Quick, but doesn't dry instantly, so you can correct mistakes. The tint lets you see any spots you might have missed.
  • Daily self-tanning moisturizers: These gradually build a subtle glow with daily use. Foolproof, these are perfect for self-tanning novices.
  • Tanning lotions: Produces the deepest caramels and bronzers for that "just back from St. Bart's" look
  • Tanning sprays: The fastest way to achieve all-over coverage. Perfection takes practice; try this out a few times before a big event.

2. Pamper with pedi

Get your feet flip-flop ready with a spa pedicure at the salon. Or try this pampering DIY treat at home:

  1. Soak your feet in warm water added with sea salt, lemon slices and a few drops of your favorite essential oil.
  2. Use a pumice stone to slough away calluses on your heels and balls of your feet.
  3. Use an exfoliating scrub on your feet and calves and rinse with warm water. Pat dry with a towel.
  4. Finish by applying a moisturizing body lotion to your feet and calves.

Top it off with a layer of polish. Scott Barnes, a makeup artist for such celebrities as Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce, suggests painting your toes in sheer nudes or a brown hue to make your legs look their longest. Favor something splashier? Try eye-catching colors like bubblegum pinks, citrus yellows, watermelon hues or a classic vixen red, says nail stylist Reham Bastawros who prettifies the peds of Renee Zellweger and Miley Cyrus.

3. Choose leg-lengthening shoes

Fling aside those 4-inch tottering stilettos! To add height without the strain, go for '70s-inspired wedges, says shoe designer Stuart Weitzman. Opt for shoes in nude or tones like blush-beige, khaki, brown or bronze that will trick the eye into thinking your legs and shoes are one lean, unbroken line. Avoid ankle straps -- they'll chop your legs to make your gams look shorter than they are.

4. Tone those muscles

Want to rev up the definition of your legs in a flash? Dr. Philip L. Goglia, a Los Angeles nutritionist and trainer whose clients include Kim Delaney, Owen Wilson and Raven-Symone, suggests these three moves:

  1. Wide-stance squats: Do them like a ballet plie, with toes angled outward, and a stance wider that your shoulders. Do five sets of 20 reps daily.
  2. Hill- and flat-walking: A simple walking workout for 30 to 60 minutes quickly tones your legs all over. Or, try stair-climbing for the same length of time.
  3. Walking lunges: Great for your glutes! Just make sure that your knees don't extend beyond your feet as you lunge. Work up to five sets of 20 lunges daily.

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