Winter Holiday Skin Care

Easy tips to soothe and prevent dry, itchy winter skin.
Heading for a winter holiday? Freezing cold temps and wind can leave your skin dry, chapped and itchy. Soothe, heal and prevent this damage with these easy tips.


Be gentle with the scrub

Exfoliating helps polish skin by sloughing away the dry, dead skin cells, but over-scrubbing can weaken your skin's protective barrier that helps retain moisture. When using an exfoliator, go for a mild scrub and scrub lightly.


Bathe in warm (not hot) water

As delicious as the idea of taking a steamy bath or shower sounds, too-hot water can actually strip your skin of its natural oils and make it even more prone to dryness and itch. Take a warm bath instead and follow with a moisturizing routine once you step out.



Towel off after bathing, and slather a hydrating cream onto damp skin -- this helps seal moisture before it has a chance to evaporate. Pay more attention to the areas that are prone to dryness -- your elbows, knees, hands and feet -- and apply more cream to soothe the skin.

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