Heart Healthy: How You Can Lower Your Blood Cholesterol

What you need to know about blood cholesterol, plus tips to keeping it under control.
Too much cholesterol in the blood can lead to heart diseases and stroke. Find out how to maintain your blood cholesterol at a healthy level and make smarter choices in your food and cooking methods.

What's a normal blood cholesterol level?

As a general guide, a blood cholesterol level above 200mg/dL is considered high. But this may vary from individual to individual. Ask your doctor what the desirable blood cholesterol level is for you.

Dangers of high cholesterol

Most heart and blood vessel diseases are caused by a buildup of cholesterol, plaque and other fatty deposits inside artery walls, a condition called atherosclerosis. When the coronary arteries (arteries that feed the heart) become so clogged, the reduced blood flow can result in chest pain.
  • Heart attack. If a blood clot forms and blocks the artery, this can cause a heart attack.
  • Stroke. If a blood clot blocks an artery leading to or in the brain, a stroke can occur.

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