8 Surprising Places Germs Lurk

Plus, smart ways to banish them.
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3. Your toothbrush

The yikey truth: Your toothbrush is dirtier than your toilet seat. "It is hard to predict exactly which germs are on your toothbrush right now, but staphylococci, coliforms, pseudomonads, streptococci, and at least one fungus, candida, have all been cultured from used toothbrushes," says Nicholas Bakalar, author of Where The Germs Are.

And if you place your toothbrush near the toilet, each time you flush sends a spray of germ-contaminated water droplets into air, some of which inevitably land on your toothbrush.

Reduce the risk: Allow your toothbrush to air out and dry between uses, and replace your toothbrush regularly. Also, close the toilet lid each time before you flush.

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