Smoking Cessation: Quitting Tips

Quit-smoking tips to help you kick the addiction and stay smoke-free.
Smoking may be hard to quit, but millions of people have beaten it decisively. Get started with this quitting plan.

Quitting strategies

  • Understand why you smoke. The first step is to identify your reasons for smoking. Do you smoke because it helps you relax? Do you light up when you're lunching with your colleagues or because it helps you control your weight? Pinpointing the main reasons why you smoke is useful because it helps you avoid your triggers later and prevent a setback.

  • List down your reasons for quitting. Different smokers may want to quit for different reasons, but whether it's for your own health or for your children's, or even to save money, it's important to identify the reasons that matter the most to you. Make a list of reasons why you want to quit smoking and write them down and stick the list on a prominent place like the fridge door to help you stay focused.

  • Set a quit date. Plan ahead and avoid choosing a date that's just before a stressful event, such as a job interview or year-end staff appraisal. To give you extra motivation to stay smoke-free, you can choose a special day like birthday, New Year day or anniversaries. Make sure your date is realistic and stick to it. Mark the date on your calendar by circling it with a marker pen. Once set, don't postpone the date.

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