Professional Cellulite Treatment Options

We check out the various anti-cellulite treatments available in beauty salons.
How much cost and pain is a woman willing to bear in the quest for a smooth, cellulite-free bod? We look at some of the professional (and very pricey, of course) cellulite treatments available:

  • Mesotherapy. This is a procedure using microinjections where small quantities of conventional or homeopathic medication and/or vitamins are injected into the cellulite deposits to boost circulation, stimulate drainage and break down hard lumpy tissues. Mesotherapy should only be performed by qualified professionals and usually requires a session of 15 treatments and above for results to show.
  • Cellulolipolysis. This invasive medical technique is usually carried out at cosmetics surgery clinics and can be quite painful. Electrodes encased in long, thin needles are inserted into the cellulite areas, and electric pulses are passed through them. Cellulolipolysis is claimed to be a long-lasting method of burning up fat by forcing cells to fight against the current, thus stimulating metabolic activity.
  • Surgery. Liposculpture and ultrasonic liposuction have been touted to be the answer to cellulite by removing underlying fat cells. Surgery may inflict potential damage to the skin tissues, thus there is a risk of the return of more cellulite.
  • Ionithermie. Ionithermie is a non-invasive technique that combines plant and mineral preparation like algae and thermal clay with a gentle electrical current. Said to promote circulation and eliminate toxins deposited by caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and environmental pollutants, it is beneficial for improving skin tone and texture.

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