5 Reasons Why Yo-Yo Diets Don't Work

Why you ought to stop the yo-yo vicious cycle.
Reason #5: Repetitive weight loss and regain has unhealthy side effects.
Yo-yo dieters often feel lethargic, have a weak immune system and a higher percentage of body fat, and tend to be in poor health. Due to multiple unsuccessful crash diets, they may also experience frustration, loss of concentration, depression and irritability.

In fact, each time you lose weight and regain it, fat in your body actually redistributes. It migrates from the thighs and butt to the belly (where studies have found a link between tummy fat and diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer and high cholesterol).

To make matters worse, some studies also suggest that those who chronically lose and regain weight have increased risk for certain health problems, including heart disease, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and gallbladder disease.

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