Best Flat Stomach Exercises

These 6 moves will get your tummy trim and taut fast.
  1. Broom Twists: Keep your position with legs spread and back upright. Grasp a broom or a stick behind your head. Using deliberately slow movements to prevent momentum from causing you to cheat, concentrate on twisting at the waist and not the hips or legs.
  2. Banana: Lay flat on your back with your arms stretched out overhead. Simultaneously, raise your legs off the ground along with your shoulder blades contracting your abdominals while you lift. Hold the position counting to five very slowly and then repeat. From the side view, you should look like a banana in shape. This is a great move to target those upper and lower abdominals.

You can have a taut toned tummy if you work your abdominals and maintain a clean, nutritionally rich lifestyle. We need to burn off that layer of fat that is covering your abdominals up. Remember: Fat doesn't make you fat -- sugar does! So, stop eating those sugar laden treats and start reading the labels on your food choices. The littlest changes will make a tremendous difference in reach your health and fitness goals.

Start with two sets of fifteen reps and you will be on your way to cinching up your belt a notch or two. Don't forget to exhale on the exertion and inhale on recovery during each exercise.

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