Swap Trigger Foods for These Healthier Substitutes

Instead of the junk food you crave, try these replacement options.
Got a craving for ice-cream, chips, pizza or chocolate? Check out these equally satisfying alternatives that are healthier and more diet-friendly.



Healthier Substitute: Make a smoothie with natural yogurt, a handful of frozen fresh berries, frozen banana, add flaxseed meal for omega-3s and fibre, a scoop of whey or soy protein powder, add a touch of honey or vanilla -- mix in the blender with some ice.



Healthier Substitute: Drizzle some plain popcorn or toasted wholemeal pita bread with a little butter and spices like curry or oregano.



Healthier Substitute: Top a slice of wholemeal bread with pure crushed tomato sauce, add fresh basil and garlic, sliced mushroom, a slice of low-fat ham and top with two spoons of shredded low-fat mozzarella cheese.



Healthier Substitute: Try a chocolate-flavored protein bar, a cup of vanilla yogurt topped with raisin bran cereal and a spoon of carob powder, or a cup of dandelion tea with some whole milk.

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