The Ultimate Abs Workout

Achieve a flat belly and sexy waistline fast with this workout plan!

Want abs that look this great? Try this Ultimate Abs Workout that goes way beyond your basic crunch. Do these exercises three days a week, combine these moves with a low-calorie diet and you can trim up to three inches off your tummy in one month.



  • 1. Lie on back, legs extended above hips, feet pointed toward ceiling. Lift head, neck and shoulders off floor and rest hands on calves.

  • 2. Clasping left knee with hands for stability, lower right leg until about 5 inches off floor. Repeat with other leg.
  • Sets: 2
    Reps: 4

    Oblique Crunch


  • 1. Lie faceup with feet flat against a wall, calves parallel to floor. Place hands behind head.

  • 2. Lift head, neck and shoulder blades off floor, rotating right shoulder toward left knee, keeping hips on floor. Untwist and lower to starting position. Repeat on opposite side.
  • Sets: 3
    Reps: 12

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