6 Surprising Health Benefits of Oral Contraceptives

Other perks of taking the Pill besides birth control.
Pill Perk #3:

Fewer periods

  • With 21 hormone-containing pills and seven "fake" placebo pills per pack, women on the Pill can re-schedule their period so it doesn't come at inconvenient times. To do so, skip the placebo pills and start on the next pack of active pills. "When you take the placebo pills, it brings on menstruation," explains Patricia J. Sulak, M.D., a professor at Texas A&M College of Medicine.

    Keep on taking active pills to postphone your period, then switch to the placebos when you're ready to menstruate. Gynaecologists generally agree that women can safely take pills continuously for two to three months at a stretch. There are exceptions, however, so speak to your gynecologist first before you use the Pill to skip your monthly periods.

  • Pill Perk #4:

    Clearer skin

  • For many women who take the Pill, one of the positive effects is clearer skin. Estrogen - the hormone found in most oral contraceptives - helps clear your skin by decreasing levels of androgen your body makes. This male hormone is responsible for stimulating sebum production, which contributes to acne. With less androgen, and in turn less sebum, complexion becomes clearer within a couple of months in some women.

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