6 Surprising Health Benefits of Oral Contraceptives

Other perks of taking the Pill besides birth control.
Pill Perk #5:

Less PMS

  • Pre-menstrual hormonal fluctuations are the main cause of PMS. The Pill can provide relief by stabilizing hormones, but different pills work best for different symptoms. For example, to counter bloating, try a pill with drospirenone (such as Yasmin), which helps prevent water retention; to relief breast tenderness, look for a pill that has lower amounts of estrogen (such as Mircette).

  • Pill Perk #6:

    Better bone health

  • As women age, our bodies start to produce less estrogen. Estrogen is needed to help bone cells stay healthy. Taking the Pill replaces the declining hormone, so even as we age our bones stay healthy and this helps prevent osteoporosis.

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