8 Celebrity Diets -- Scrutinized

Some are popular, some are plain bizarre. But do they really work?

The Facial Analysis Diet

What it involves:
The Facial Analysis diet looks at the appearance of the face and tongue to detect problems like food intolerances and digestive issues that could result in weight gain. Particular attention is paid to the shape, tone and color of the face and the general look and feel of the tongue as the diet is based around the belief that the face demonstrates imbalances and problems in the rest of the body. In an interview with UK newspaper The Daily Mail, founder Elizabeth Gibau explained, "I look for markings, facial colour and skin texture. This tells me which minerals the body is lacking. If a plant is unwell it turns several different colours before it finally goes black. This is because it is lacking in certain vital minerals essential for survival. Our bodies react to mineral deficiencies in similar ways". Once a diagnosis has been made using facial analysis, Elizabeth prescribes an individualized detox plan to address the problems that she has pinpointed.

Who follows it:
Kate Winslet followed the Facial Analysis diet after giving birth to daughter Mia in 2000 and lost four stone.

The bad points:
Because signs can mean one thing for one person but something else entirely for someone else, it isn't possible to use the plan for self-diagnosis.

Expert view:
"The skin is the largest organ system in the body so there is no doubt the condition of the skin, the tone and colour can tell you a lot about someone's health and nutritional status," says Hood. "Also the condition of the tongue can be an indicator of a medical condition or nutritional deficiency. However, without a full medical history and proper clinical examination by an experienced and qualified health professional it is difficult to diagnosis deficiencies or illness. I understand this diet involves a detox and eliminates 'irritating' foods. Any diet that excludes a number of foods without certainty that these foods are a problem, can mean the diet may be lacking in variety and accordingly lacking in nutrition and can be dangerous".

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