8 Celebrity Diets -- Scrutinized

Some are popular, some are plain bizarre. But do they really work?

Seaweed & Algae Shakes

What it involves:
Drinking shakes that contain a combination of algae and seaweed is said to boost the metabolism, aid detoxification and tackle fat deposits.

Who follows it:
In a 2007 issue of the UK's Look magazine, Victoria Beckham was rumored to be drinking seaweed & algae shakes two times per day (as part of a diet that was also rumored contain edamame beans, strawberries and lettuce) as preparation for a move to LA.

The bad points:
Excessive amounts of iodine can produce unwanted side effects and isn't healthy.

Expert view:
Hood says,"The idea of the seaweed and algae shake diet probably originates from the fact that sea vegetables are naturally low in fat and rich in iodine. High intakes of iodine can over stimulate the thyroid gland and can result in hyperthyroidism which can lead to weight loss. However, along with this weight loss can be less desired side effects such as sweating, diarrhea, tremor, irritability and infertility and again, this diet can be dangerous. In moderate amounts, sea vegetables are an interesting and nutritious addition to the diet."

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